4 Simple Ways to Overcome Creative Block

4 Simple Ways to Overcome Creative Block

We’ve all been there. You put aside time to put yourself first and do something creative, whether its for a business, hobby or self care. And you just have absolutely no idea what to do so you can the idea and stick the TV on or do the chores you’ve been procrastinating.


Taking the leap from being a full time employee to running an art business, the pressure to create often led to me being so overwhelmed by the results of what I was doing that I would find it near on impossible to get started, so I had to find systems to get me through those days.


🌈 Warm Up - Just do something. Anything related to what you are trying to create. For example, if you’re painting: mix up some colour, try different brushes and ways of using them or make a mess on some paper. You wouldn’t do physical activity without warming up both physically and mentally, and being creative is the same. It can take 20 minutes or so to get used to what you’re doing and for you to get into flow. I also find that inspiration is way more accessible when you’re in motion!

🪑 Have a designated area that you create in - ever find that when you watch TV in bed you find it harder to sleep? Or when you eat dinner on the couch it’s never as satisfying as when you’re at the dining table? I read the book atomic habits a few months back and this is a piece of advice that really made sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a room for every activity (I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and my studio is the balcony) but having a specific area that I do certain tasks in makes it much easier to focus and for my brain to know what I am supposed to be doing. I sit on one side of the table to eat, the other to work. I use half of the balcony to paint and create, and half to eat and relax. Bonus points if you can have a few basic supplies out at all times to give you a visual cue!

🏃‍♀️ Get outside and run/walk - If you’re feeling flat and stagnant and have no fresh ideas, a walk or run outside can do a world of good. Being able to appreciate the fresh air, taking in the world around you (be it people and buildings or nature and wildlife) and being sure to try and notice something new that wasn’t there last time you looked. Trying to stay present and drawing inspiration from something you see, or getting the blood flowing and letting the mind wander, either is great for allowing new ideas to bubble to the surface. You might even be able to take some great photos to keep as inspiration another time!

🧠 Learn something new - If I feel like I have no ideas on how to approach a new project, I learn a new skill. Skillshare, YouTube, TikTok (be careful with the latter you may end up just doom scrolling) are free and basically limitless in what skills you can pick up. It could be a new technique related to something you enjoy, or something completely different. Either way, when your brain is in learning mode, you’re making new connections between different areas of the brain that may just be the key in unlocking your next genius idea.


Got any systems that help you get through those days where everything is a slog? Send me an email at danielleoreilly91@gmail.com and let’s share the tips for everyone to have a productive 2023 ❤️


All my love,

Danielle xx

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