Send (sort of) Nudes…(I’m on the hunt for models!)

Send (sort of) Nudes…(I’m on the hunt for models!)

Have you ever wanted to see yourself as a work of art? (Because I’m sure those around you think you are already)

Maybe you’re just starting your self love journey, or maybe you grew up not seeing your body shape, type, features, or personality portrayed in the media or celebrated. Maybe you’re just feeling like a badass in this phase of your life.

I would love to get you involved in this project and share your story, and make some gorgeous artwork at the same time. 

My mission with this is to celebrate the female (or femme presenting) form in a way that celebrates who we are rather than being sexualised or the narrative being taken away from us. This is hopefully part of the antidote to the huge conversations that are being had around the world right now about the safety of women at the hands of men, and a chance for us to create a platform that educates about the female experience and what it means to be feminine. 

To show that feminine does NOT equal weak. It means many things to many people but, for me, it’s actually about creating something from nothing and being present, about being able to bring out the best in those around us. About supporting those we love and those we barely know. Learning into our sexuality should be a position of power, being a vessel of pleasure, not of being a ‘whore’ (or some sort of variant) or asking for it when our bodies are taken from us.

If you have any questions or anything you’d like to add to this conversation, please get in touch at, and if you’d like to apply see the Model Application Form on the main menu of my website.

I’m so excited to work on this and I hope you’re excited to go on this journey of empowerment and liberation with me xx


ps… here’s my mood board if you’re stuck for ideas, its not about nudity it’s about having fun and being the best, most feminine version of yourself!

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