My Mission

To make people feel good about themselves and the body they live in! 


For me, I have always had a bit of an up and down journey with my self-image, it’s a journey that is never as straight forward as the quotes will make you believe. ​
Sometimes it’s reversing a lifetime of hating what you see in the mirror, sometimes it’s a culmination of seeing so many ‘beautiful’ people on social media, in magazines and at Bondi Beach that you compare yourself to.
For others it’s an abusive (hopefully ex) partner who tears you down and makes you feel worthless, and it can even just be one of those days where your hormones are all over the place and you feel like crap. ​
I’m creating a space where everyone is celebrated whether you are a size 6 or 20, an hourglass or pear shape, slim or curvy. Everyone deserves to feel like a work of art, and hopefully one day at a time we can work towards making everyone at least feel at peace with the body they live in, if not realise how God damn beautiful you are! ​
Danielle xx